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The VT Munro Smart Beta Fund seeks to maximize the overall return by seeking to replicate the performance of the Freedom Smart-Beta UK Dividend Index.

The Freedom Smart-Beta UK Dividend index is a Sterling based total return index, comprising approximately 300 of the largest dividend paying stocks (excluding Investment Trusts) that are quoted on the London Stock Exchange. While the full universe is initially determined by market capitalisation, the investible universe is reweighted based on expected dividend payout. The Fund aims to replicate the performance of the Freedom Smart-Beta UK Dividend index but will not necessarily be invested in all the constituents.

At January 2017, Valu Trac had Assets Under Administration of £1.2 billion.

Key characteristics of the fund include:

  • income units yield 4%;
  • monthly distribution and;
  • low volatility.

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Rob Davies 

Rob spent 15 years working for a number of brokers and investment banks including Smith New Court, Shearson Lehman Hutton and ING Barings. From 1999 to 2001 he was a writer at The Motley Fool. In 2002 he joined the Private Client Department of Clydesdale Bank as Senior Investment Analyst where he remained until its sale 2006. His experience of the stock market as an equity research analyst, personal finance writer and portfolio construction manager has given him a unique background to draw on in crafting this investment process which he now runs as The Fund Manager of The VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund.

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