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The Marketing Group (TMG.ST) is a global marketing and advertising agglomeration. It comprises a portfolio of independently managed subsidiary brands, each with specialist expertise and services, which together offer a broad suite of marketing and advertising services to global blue-chip clients. The Marketing Group provides a central, publicly-listed, operating platform that supports its subsidiary brands by fostering collaboration and enabling each to concentrate on delivering best-in- class services.

The Marketing Group currently comprises 18 profitable, debt-free subsidiary businesses, employing approximately 500 professionals across 31 offices in 8 countries and serving clients across the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Marketing Group’s service offering includes social media, content creation, events, PR, e-learning, app development, game development, lead generation, sponsorship, TV production, branding, digital marketing, web and e-commerce and many other services.

The business is listed on the Nasdaq First North (TMG:ST) and cross listed on Frankfurt (2MG).


Jeremy Harbour (Chairman)
20 yrs in M&A. Board member of The MINT National Bank & Five5Five Pte Ltd. Founder of the Unity Group (private equity). Frequent contributor to the FT, Sunday Times & The Times.

Adam Graham (CEO)
Chair of British Interactive Media Associate, previously CEO of Weapon 7 (Omnicom).

Toby Street (European President)
Previously Director of Investments at Novara Capital Partners, a facilitator of private equity investments.

Callum Laing (Asia President)
Founder of the Fitness Buffet, based in Singapore. Previously founded Mobile Vision, a mobile technology business based in Thailand.

Charles Bartholomew (Group CFO)
Board member of Catalyst (UK) Ltd and Team Entrepreneurs Ltd.


Cost of Revenue(1,430)
Net Income1,390
Cash, cash equivalents & Short term investments280
Total assets2,240
Total liabilities930

Peer Group

4imprint Plc (LON:FOUR)
Direct marketer of promotional products

Next Fifteen Communications Plc(LON:NFC)
Acquisitive marketing business

Best Of The Best (LON:BOTB)
Marketing & competitions business

Multinational advertising, marketing & PR business


Chris Reed – 4.87%
Paul Woods – 4.99%
Aaghir Yadav – 4.69%
Laurent Verrier – 2.76%
Jeremy Harbour – 2.22%

JLHC Holdings PTE LTD – 12.58%
Unity Group of Companies Pte Ltd – 2.89%
Sedgley Cohesive Company Pty Ltd – 2.67%
Five5Five Pte Ltd – 2.63%
The Kanda Trust – 1.85%


Macro Indicators

“the promise of the digital economy hasn’t yet been realized, either as a boost to productivity or in actual market growth. The savvy marketer knows that in periods of political change, social unrest and economic uncertainty it is crucial to have a business and marketing strategy that pays heed to these turbulent times.” Financial Times (Sep 2016)

Media Coverage

Prolific North(Nov 2016)
” The Marketing Group in Singapore, which has stakes in 19 agencies across the globe with half a dozen of them in the UK, as well as the Mission, which takes in 13 agencies including Robson Brown in Newcastle. This arrangement said Davies allows smaller agencies to crystallise some initial investment whilst levering the greater balance sheet of the holding company.”

Which-50 (Nov 2016)
“Over time, the marketing group can tap into more and more functionality to support increasingly sophisticated, multidimensional programs and campaigns … By adopting this phased approach, marketers stand a much greater chance of immediate adoption and long-term success.”

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