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SyndicateRoom is a crowdfunding platform which has raised C.£40m for ventures – since launching two years ago.

All investments on SyndicateRoom are backed by professional ‘business angels’, who are investing their own money and thus have taken an active role in evaluating the strength of the deal.

Subsequent to this, the crowd are able to back investments on the same economic terms as the lead investor – members are offered the same share class and same price per share if they decide to invest alongside these professionals.

To name a few of the more well known lead investors who have been involved with Syndicate Room projects:

  • Jim Mellon
  • Herman Hauser

Investors can register here to look through current opportunities.


Gonçalo de Vasconcelos (CEO): Co-founder of the business. Has a number of academic achievements (best dissertation for the University of Cambridge etc) and is a regular contributor to Forbes magazine.

Tom Britton (CTO): Co-founder of the business. Background in software based product development, including the applications for

Recent Raises

TG Matrix (logistics software)
£565,000 raised. Investment led by Stephen Harley – recognised as a global leader in automotive logistics and supply chain management.

SeeQuestor (CCTV analysing software)
£871,015 raised. Investment led by a prominent national security specialist.

Weedingtech (innovative weed killing products)
£801,257 raised. Positioned to replace the weed-killing market’s leading brand in response to laws tightening across a number of EU countries to limit the use of herbicides.

Fertility Focus (fertility monitoring)
£360,250 raised. Unlike its competitors, OvuSense works in real time, and is capable of predicting ovulation with 89% accuracy and confirming it with 99% accuracy.

Recycling Technologies (recycling machinery)
£578,808 raised. Designs and manufactures machinery, which turns MPW into a heavy fuel oil called Plaxx™ which is then resold into the hydrocarbons market.

SyndicateRoom have completed fundraising for 60 companies in the last two years. View all

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